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Foot Function 

 Let's take a look at steps you can take to increase your foot and ankle health! 

A Natural Design For Ideal Function

How should our feet work?  

Our feet are incredible multitaskers—they're designed not just to feel but to move with precision. Deep within the layers of skin, muscle, and tendons of our feet lie millions of receptors, all finely tuned to sense the ground beneath us. This sensory feedback is crucial for spatial awareness, helping our bodies understand where we stand in the world. It's through this constant interplay of feeling and movement that we maintain balance and keep our bodies in motion, influencing every part of us up the kinetic chain. 


"Joint biomechanics of the foot were found to affect visual cordination of eye and neck musculature."  


Our feet are crafted to grip, spread, and maintain precise control of our bodies. However, confining them within narrow boxes—often known as shoes—restricts their natural movement and hampers their ability to function optimally. This lack of freedom limits proper activation and undermines their inherent capacity for control.


Consider indigenous tribes, where footwear is often nonexistent. In these communities, the feet remain untouched by the constraints of shoes.


While you may think "Is this what my feet should look like?"


The answer is, yes. These are precisely how our feet were meant to appear and operate. Take a closer look at the feet depicted above, and you'll observe:


  • A wide base of support (Increasing balance and stability)
  • Toe splaying (Allowing for gripping and climbing)
  • Non-rigid arch (Allowing for shock absorption when running/ walking)

Toe Spreaders 

So you want to better your foot and ankle health but don't know where to start. Investing in toe spacers is a great objection. Spreading your toes will allow for more space between your metatarsal "foot bones" allowing for muscle elasticity and activation as well as better joint mobility.


Another great objection is investing in wide-toe box shoes. This will allow your feet to move freely without being confined in a narrow space. Options from companies, such as Vivo Barefoot or Altra running company are specifically designed to have a wide toe box for more movement.  

Foot Activation (Tripod)

Engaging in foot activation exercises can significantly enhance overall foot health and alleviate specific conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, and metatarsal stress fractures.


The ideal foot activation is using a tripod base of support. You can train proper activation of your foot by simply standing in a lunge position with 80% of your weight on the front leg from there you will think about 3 important Q's. 


  1. Try to pick up your toes spread them as much as possible then lay them down in the spread position.
  2. Have a base of support under your base of big toe, little toe, and heel (Picture Below)
  3. Move your knee so it becomes in line with your second toe.


"Once you move your knee while keeping the above 2 Q's your foot will immediately activate and you will feel proper foot function. 

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