Is pain or physical pain from an injury holding you back?
Exceed your health and performance goals with personalized care for your lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and more.

At Denner Chiropractic & Performance, we get to the root cause of your pain to help you function better through life and sport with proven cutting edge evidence-based techniques from around the world.

Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or chronic pain, we can create a personalized care plan to help you exceed your health and performance goals. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to care.  

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Get the best results in conservative health care. 

We pride ourselves on effective treatment methods that help return the overall function of your body. Allowing you to move, perform and feel better through your life and sport. Getting to the root cause of your symptoms and empowering patients is what allows Denner Chiropractic & Performance to help you:
Pain free
Be Free From Pain
Evidence-based diagnosis- with a plan set in place to help fix the major cause of your pain and not mask your symptoms.
Results that last
Get Lasting Results
Keep your functional improvements so you move and feel better for longer.
Feel stronger and better
Feel Better and Stronger
Perform your best in life and sport.
From the Side Line to the Finish Line
At Denner Chiropractic & Performance, we use an integrated approach to pain management and rehabilitation.

By using a variety of techniques, including chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, therapeutic rehabilitation, acupuncture and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), we are able to provide our patients with the best possible care.

This approach allows us to get patients out of pain fast and help them to perform their best for longer. We offer a personalized evaluation and treatment plan for each patient, using the most current and effective treatments available.

Our goal is to empower our patients to achieve their goals in life and sport. By using an integrated approach to care, we are able to help our patients reach their full potential.

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This is our simple process:

make a plan
Make a Plan
Properly diagnosis your condition and create a plan
Fast results
Start Seeing Results
Start feeling better and get rid of your pain; you’ll feel better doing the things you love again

You'll have freedom from pain, better movement and physical performance.

Request an appointment with our team so that you get back to enjoying what you love doing.
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