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5 Science-Based Benefits of Dry Needling  

Dry needling is a technique used for treating many musculoskeletal conditions. This fantastic and safe tool is most commonly used in the sports world to help with the recovery of sport-related injuries such as sprain/ strains and tendonitis. The benefits of dry needling extend past the world of sports, and current evidence shows it can also be a powerful tool for chronic conditions. We are going to break down the top 5 proven benefits of dry needling!    

1. Reduced Inflammation  

Inflammation is a double-edged sword. While acute inflammation following an injury is a normal and healthy response, chronic inflammation is a major contributor to the delayed recovery of musculoskeletal injuries. Dry needling helps reduce inflammation locally to your injury without the need for medications or more invasive treatment. A study by Nagarajan et al (1) showed that dry needling had better outcomes for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis than a corticosteroid injection.  

 2.     Increase Blood Flow  

For acute injuries, the name of the game is blood flow. We want to give our bodies the best chance for recovery. Dry needling is proven to increase blood flow to the affected area and help kick-start the healing process. Dry needling tricks your body into sending reinforcements that lead to faster recovery. (2)  

3.     Decrease Pain  

Living in pain affects every part of our daily life. Finding a natural and safe way to reduce pain is difficult and can be a worry for some. The treatment and management of pain through acupuncture started 3,000 years ago around 100 BCE in ancient China. The use of needling for pain reduction is still used today. Berger et al (3) showed that dry needling can be an effective tool in the immediate reduction of neck pain. 

 4.     Increase Lymphatic Drainage  

Our lymphatic system is how we circulate the good and bad into and out of an injury site. This is important when managing swelling around an injury. The most common example is in the management of an acute ankle sprain. Dry needling allows for an increase in lymphatic drainage which in turn reduces swelling. A reduction in swelling was associated with an increase in range of motion and strength. (4)

 5.     Trigger Point/ Muscle Release 

 Trigger points are dense nodules found in muscles that can cause pain and tightness. Trigger points also have common referral patterns meaning that a trigger point in a muscle can refer pain elsewhere in the body. For example, a common trigger point referral is headache pain coming from the muscles of the cervical spine. Dry needling is a very quick way to relieve a trigger point. A systematic review of the effectiveness of dry needling for myofascial trigger points associated with neck pain symptoms showed dry needling is a safe and affect tool that improved pressure pain threshold in individuals. (5)

The Bottom Line 

Dry needling is a safe and effective tool in the management of acute and chronic conditions. It can help with pain management, tissue healing, and controlling inflammation. If you think dry needling is right for you schedule an appointment today. Want to find out more about how Denner Chiropractic & Performance uses dry needling go to our services tab and select dry needling or click here

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