I had a great experience with Dr. Denner. He is very knowledgeable. I like that he educates you about the body and his methods throughout the appointment. He helped me relieve nerve issues that was causing numbness down my arm. Thanks Dr. Denner!

Alex- Charlotte, North Carolina 

I highly recommend Dr Denner, he treated myself and my son and was very professional and showed a wealth of knowledge he was very pleasant and made us feel very comfortable. The treatment and the time he spent to explain what he was doing was fantastic. He made time for us and got us appointments even know his diary was full. The visit to his office was a great choice, and he has helped both of us on a recovery plan. I would recommend if you are looking for a Chiropractor and Performance specialist do not hesitate and look to make an appointment.

Steve- Indian Land, South Carolina 

I had a serious episode of neck pain that shot down my arm. It was very concerning. Dr. Matheau was able to help me through it by giving me great care. After a couple of weeks, my pain was totally gone!!

Jacob- Marvin, North Carolina 

Dr. Denner is hands down the most thorough practitioner I have ever been to. He is extremely knowledgeable and he educated me throughout my treatment, and left me with no question marks. Could not recommend more!

William- Marvin, North Carolina 

Matheau is extremely personable and takes the time to listen, examine you, and make you feel important. He is extremely knowledgeable and his treatments helped me. I highly recommend Dennner Chiropractic and Performance!

Nate | Fortmill, South Carolina 

I had a bad concussion a couple of months ago and still had really bad headaches and dizziness. Dr. Matheau knew exactly what to do! He had me back to my normal self in 2 weeks! Thank you Dr. Matheau !!

Maria- Indian Land, South Carolina 

Matheau is great. This isn't on your chain chiropractor. He actually listens to what your issue is great at taking care of the issue.

Brent | Indian Land, South Carolina 

Took his time with me. Help me out with my ankle a lot. Gave me a good adjustment. Would definitely recommend him!

Parsa | Charlotte, North Carolina